Competitor Analyzing Tools For Digital Media

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Behind every great social media profile is a smart plan, tons of research, and top-notch content. Take a deep look inside and find out what your competitors are doing to get there. Also, watch out for warning signs, such as fake followers, lack of engagement, and minimal user-generated content.

Set Of Hoot

Hootsuite is kind of an all-in-one platform. Track trending posts and focus on competitor activity with a single dashboard – it’s that simple. This is an extremely handy tool for tracking what your competitors are posting, creating, and promoting on social media.

Please integrate additional social listening tools, such as Brandwatch and Talkwalker. These apps allow you to visualize how many people are talking about your brand online compared to how many are talking about your competitors. The data will be delivered as beautiful and colorful graphs.

  • Brandwatch Competitor Analysis Tool
  • Marketing charts and statistics powered by Brandwatch
  • Add a few profiles you want to track and Hootsuite will create a live feed. You can engage and react to any post in your feed.

Hootsuite feed

Use Hootsuite Insights to uncover important online conversations, gauge brand sentiment against your top competitors, and see your products through the eyes of your customers. By the way, Hootsuite is also a great tool for planning, creating, and publishing content for social media – be sure to check out all the features!


Popsters is an analytics tool that focuses on analyzing the performance of social media content. It allows you to analyze any competitor’s page and get statistical graphs and data on post-feed engagement. You can filter posts by reaction type, popularity, text length, engagement, date, or any other attribute to identify the best-performing posts.

There are 20+ charts that show data on the most popular page hashtags, total likes, shares, comments, engagement rate, average post performance by day of the week, and more. You can analyze up to 10 pages at a time from any supported social media. Scan results can be exported as PDF, XLSX, or PPTX documents (with native Office graphics). allows you to analyze your competitor’s presence on all social platforms from every possible angle. Detailed graphs will show your performance against them. All the key metrics – engagement, fan growth, and engagement – will be available within minutes. You can compare up to 15 competitor sites simultaneously and download customized reports with simple and accurate tables, charts, and your brand logo. These reports are suitable for internal analysis as well as custom reports. Competitor Analysis Tool

Make accurate strategic decisions after performing detailed analysis with

The platform offers four plans starting at $15 per month for one user. All premium features are available for 14 days free trial. You can also create your own custom pricing plans based on your business goals. social germ

We are sure that you will never have enough of this almighty tool. Sprout Social provides the means to design, curate and deliver social content, but more importantly, for us is to measure performance and listen to social conversations.

Start by adding your competitor’s profile. You can find and filter historical data with just a few clicks. Sprout Social’s powerful tools will also take your analytics to the next level by delivering data in the most compelling format: Detailed charts, graphs, and statistics with KPIs.

Find Opponents With Sprout Social

Sprout Social is almost like a personal marketing service that does your competitor research for you.

Sprout Social helps discover trends and get honest feedback through social listening. Monitor and analyze conversations around relevant topics to understand consumer sentiment toward competitors’ brands. Plus, you’ll know how many voices your brand really has.

Social Insiders

Social Insider is about saving time and impressing customers. It provides a unified dashboard for analysis and reporting. But it also helps you understand where you stand compared to your competitors on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Unlike previous platforms, this is a rather minimalistic tool. It doesn’t overwhelm you with features but provides all the metrics you need. Add the records you want to compare and the app will instantly give you quick stats. It will also show you the top posts and follower count.


Sometimes you want to take the easiest route possible, and that’s fine! Phalanx is a competitor analysis tool that serves exactly this purpose. It is an online marketing platform with an interactive calculator for all popular social media marketing. It was developed for influencers, but this feature will also help you fact-check your competitor’s audience.

Phalanx comes in handy when you want to make sure all those followers are real, You can use this special feature for free. There is also a 30-day free trial available in case you want to generate detailed reports and analyses of brand mentions and demographics.