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Write for Us is ready to give people control over their words and ideas. This portal is for those who are looking for chances to produce outstanding material. Bloggers are welcome to contribute their stories on our platform, which we have opened up. gain notoriety in the field of digital marketing, fashion, business, and much more.

With a chance, a platform, and expert advice at your fingertips. You may produce material that belongs to the world and quickly aligns your work following our principles.

Are you an author or a blogger? You have this chance thanks to us. You may now contribute articles to our site about small businesses, digital marketing, technology, and related topics.

The usefulness of posting as a guest or write for us

  • Spread the word about your blog to other bloggers
  • Gain more followers on social media
  • Authority of your website’s website reputation
  • Obtain quality traffic
  • Create connections and raise brand awareness
  • Through your author bio, people can learn more about you.
  • Increase conversion

If you wish to write a guest article for this blog and are a writer or blogger. This is a fantastic chance for you to write an article. Start submitting your articles by following simple instructions for publishing a guest post.

Process for publishing guest posts

Stories from specialists in marketing can be found on our blog, where people discuss their various experiences and offer assistance. The audience’s ignorance of the most effective modern digital marketing method.

We provide information designs that are both illustrative and convincingly justified on address views and findings. With the voice of such experts in blogging, our crowds are turning to look forward to what lies ahead.

It is essential that you carefully understand the guidelines for the visitor’s present request to be honored. You consider the two options that are provided below:

  • For those who want their tale to be distributed quickly, the option of “Supported Guest Post” is available. If the distribution is approved by our editors and complies with all of our requirements, it usually takes 1-2 business days to finish.
  • Simple story requests take around 5 to 10 days to be acknowledged by our team because we receive thousands of requests every day or because your request could not be what we need. If you don’t hear back from a site after 15 business days, you should try another one.

Before writing to us, you must first read the following points

  • To make sure your writing style fits our tone, look at other blog posts on our site.
  • Make sure we haven’t already talked about your subject.
  • You are not permitted to publish your plagiarism-published post again anywhere else online, not even on your website. If we discover that it has been reposted anywhere else, we will remove it from this blog and you won’t have another chance to post.
  • We won’t publish any guest posts written for betting or gambling, building external links, objectionable content, bashing particular brands, etc.
  • When your post is posted to our blog, we all have the right to edit it.

Posts in the following areas are accepted

Your guest blog entries ought to be entirely pertinent to our visitors. We would love to publish your remarkable personal story.

  • Software
  • Small Business
  • Finance
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Technology
  • Content marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Mobile devices Tips and Devices
  • How-to manuals and advice
  • Fashion

Do you have a different subject in mind? Send it for consideration right now through our contact page.

Criteria to follow

  • Make sure your guest post is entirely original.
  • Your content must be between 750 To 1200 words long. We won’t agree that you could provide our readers with enough information in a few brief blogs.
  • Before submitting it, it should be edited for grammar and spelling errors. Multiple errors in posts will be removed.
  • We like to use brief phrases and paragraphs with subheadings (should not compose hard-to-read long sentences).
  • Your guest post should be organized with the proper H2, H3, and H4 headings inside the text. Subheadings should only contain the keyword once (if relevant).
  • Your article needs to be optimized for SEO.
  • However, keyword stuffing is terrible. It should be written around competitive keywords (we tend toward long-tail, medium-competitive keywords). This will guarantee that your main keyword density is not excessive.
  • The opening paragraph of the content needs to include the focus keyword.
  • The first thing we do when we receive a guest post is to check it for plagiarism using sophisticated, professional plagiarism detection software, as we need genuine and moral writers.
  • If necessary, you might include hyperlinks to additional reliable sources (max 2 links).
  • In your content, affiliate links are not permitted.
  • We reserve the right to include rel=”no-follow” in any backlinks contained in the guest post.
  • In the material, you can use images, screenshots, infographics, charts, etc.
  • All images and screen captures must at least be 750 by 410 pixels in size. They may be larger but must not be less.
  • The source of each image included in your essay must be cited.

For Content Submission: contactus@infotechinn.com

Search Engine Optimization: Write for Us

If the information is genuine, complies with SEO optimization standards and supports its claims. We advise you to begin right away. Getting ready to submit your first guest article to our website.

We oppose concealed articles. Content that does not follow the rules we have established. Because of this, we need writers who can navigate the industry’s aggressive marketers.

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