Fantastic Tourist Attractions In Qatar

Tourist Attractions In Qatar

Read About The Fantastic Tourist Attractions In Qatar

1. Attend Sports Event – Khalifa International Stadium


Attend Sports Event - Khalifa International Stadium

Khalifa International Stadium in Doha is the first complete tournament venue for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. New stadiums and infrastructure are being built to accommodate the fan base. scheduled for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. They will be good companions as football is the most popular sport among the local community and ex-pats, but it is not a sport. Only attracts the crowd. The ATP World Tour, which stops in the capital each winter, attracts tennis giants like Roger Federer, Andy Murray, Serena Williams, and Caroline Wozniacki. The same goes for the traditional sports of Qatar: Arabian horse racing, camel racing, and falconry.

2. Deep Into The Al Thakira Mangrove Forest

Deep Into The Al Thakira Mangrove Forest

One of the most iconic sites in the country – Al Thakira Mangrove is a vast area of ​​greenery and water with its own ecosystem in a sandy and scorching desert. It is full of birds, herons, and flamingos that have migrated to the area over the years. The best way to experience the mangroves is to rent a kayak and get lost in the jungle. 10. Dive into The Pearl – An artificial island off the coast of Doha.

Built on reclaimed land, The Pearl covers nearly four million square meters and includes a lavish mix of residential, commercial, and entertainment properties.

One of its highlights is the picturesque, Mediterranean-inspired Qanat neighborhood, home to colorful apartments, canals, bridges, and pedestrian squares with restaurants and cafes.

Stroll down the promenade and you’ll see rows of yachts moored on the crystal clear waters. You might even get lucky and catch a Super Yacht there.

3. Visit Katara. Cultural Village

Visit Katara. Cultural Village

Located on the way to The Pearl, Katara Cultural Village is the crown jewel of Qatari art and culture.

A labyrinth of pathways and meandering waterways is here, opening spaces for artists, filmmakers, and photographers. You’ll find a mosque decorated with turquoise and purple mosaics, an open-air amphitheater overlooking the sea, and an opera house that hosts the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra.

It also hosts festivals, including the Traditional Dhow Festival and the Palestinian Heritage Festival, as well as concerts. If you like a simple local treasure, try the chapati and Karak. But be careful, you can be back in seconds.

4. Eat At The Best Brunch

Eat At The Best Brunch

Sheraton Grand Doha’s all-day dining restaurant, Al Hubara, is a great brunch spot. Hotels in the capital take brunch to the next level. They’re rich, fancy, and generally delicious, with options like sushi, salads, roasts, baked goods, cheeses, sandwiches, chocolate fountains, and free-flowing bubbles. Jean-Georges’ Market at the non-stop W Hotel, Vine at St. Regis appeals to chocolate lovers and for kids, there’s a fun party at the Ritz-Carlton Superhero Picnic held on the last Friday of the month.

If you’re away at the end of the month, the Sheraton Grand Doha serves brunch in the garden at La Veranda Italian restaurant, and the daytime restaurant Al Hubara is also a great place for brunch.

5. Going To The Mall

Going To The Mall

Built like the Italian city of Venice, Villaggio Shopping Center has more than 200 stores. You don’t have to go far to get to a shopping mall in Doha. One of the most popular is the Venice-inspired Villaggio Shopping Center, which has over 200 stores. However, its inner channel is its main attraction. Here you can take a gondola ride and admire the blue sky painted with scattered clouds.

Doha Festival City is Qatar’s largest shopping mall, offering fully covered shopping and entertainment, with a wide range of fashion brands, IKEA, cinemas, theme parks and snow parks. In-house coming soon.

The luxurious Al Hazm, which translates as “peaks”, blends Arabic tradition with European design and even boasts 200-year-old olive trees imported from Europe. Check out the Cultural Center for rare episodes and classics. 

6. Explore The World Of Horses

Explore The World Of Horses

Even if you’re not a fan of horses, it’s worth a visit to the Al Shaqab Equestrian Center in Doha to get a glimpse of what happens when a horse-loving culture decides to spend a fortune on his passion.

The result is a sparkling, modern complex where award-winning sports and show horses are pampered and groomed to be competition winners.

Preserving the local thoroughbred Arabian horse breeding tradition is the goal of this vast horseshoe-shaped center, but tours also allow visitors to watch training at facilities including treadmills, a private swimming pool, and a track.