How to Measure the Success of Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Sometimes it’s difficult to know if we are going on the right track or not. The efforts we are making are paying off or not? So to analyze or measure them check out your social media marketing campaigns. It’s more important to measure the quantity and quality of interactions on your site – likes, comments, retweets, etc. If they are converting into your customers then it’s a positive sign for you.

There are also some free tools to analyze and rate your site and show you the level of engagement with your audience. Check social media on a regular basis to track the success.

Here are the steps to measure the achievement of your Social media marketing campaigns.


1. ROI (Return On Investment)

You may have difficulty determining the return on your social media efforts because you may not know what role they played in a customer’s decision. But there are some ways to know about ROI.

Create a special Internet landing page or promotional code for followers of your social media marketing pages, you can track just those sales and see if the revenue from those sales exceeds your social media spending. Its drawback is that it does not include other purchases made by your social media fans.

Correlation is an alternative metric. Make a timeline that shows your social media activity and sales results.

2. Goal Setting

Goal setting is the main key to every aspect of life. Make sure you know about your destination and what you want to achieve through your social media marketing campaigns. As there are many social media platforms so make a plan first on which platform you want to rock first. It could be anything like improving the customer service experience. Or increasing the engagement with your audience. Every social media platform is different and they demand a different strategy. Like different measurements for each goal. So the crux is you should know what you want to achieve through your social media campaign before you start.

3. Online Traffic

It is one of the simple steps to measure your results. There are some social media channels that provide you with analytics. Or you can also check it through Google Analytics, Klout, and Hootsuite.

Keep track of things like:

  • The number of pages, views, and visits to know the traffic volume metrics
  • The number of likes, comments, and share tweets as compared to the total no. of fans on your page
  • How much time did visitors spend on your page
  • Check out how much content is downloaded, entries of the contest, email sign-ups, blogs

4. Customer Service

Measure the total time you invest in customer service. Then check your daily value based on the problem solved. and compare this figure of your social site to other platforms like emails, web support, phone, etc. These all things need time and effort. You have to do a continuous effort to rock. And then make the strategies according to which things are working better for you. Keep these three things in mind

1) listen

2) measure and

3) learn.

Surveys and customer feedback will show you whether your customers are happy or satisfied with your brands or not.

5. Monitor And Report

It is necessary to watch your social media marketing campaigns regularly. You can also do it weekly but it’s better to monitor it on a daily basis. Check your matrices to know on which track you are going.

6. Sales Lead Generation

Keep an eye on the source of your lead. Make sure that your source is clear. In this way, folks can easily find you.

Add these things:

  • In a contact form, there should be a field that asks how customers search for you and get in touch with you.
  • Use social media platforms to track the website traffic.
  • Track and compare on one follower how many leads you get on your pages.
  • Take out the percentage of social media leads that come from the social media platform. This data will guide you about each social media page.

7. Correct The Errors

Reviewing the system of management regularly is important. In case you miss anything you will get to know about this. Make a list of things you need improvement on it and then start making the right changes. So goal setting is important and make sure that your matrices are actually working according to it. See your steps are going in the right direction. If yes then success is waiting for you.


so these are the seven incredible steps to measure the success of social media marketing campaigns. So make sure to keep improving and updating them regularly to stay on top.