Croatia- A Whirlwind Visit To Dubrovnik

Visit To Dubrovnik

Skip the cruise and simply explore the cobblestone streets and lush coastal scenery of Dubrovnik, Croatia. However, the cobbled streets are free of traffic and the heroic domes of the city are only minutes away. You don’t need a map because the streets are charming and unpredictable. A visit to Dubrovnik is always full of joy and excitement. My advice is not to take the route but follow one of the many friendly cats that attract you to explore a fascinating alley.

Dubrovnik’s Iconic Orange Roofs

You’ll often be rewarded with secret restaurants, impromptu live music, simple churches, and countless old stone houses with their distinctive bright orange tiled roofs. If you’re lucky, you’ll find one of the two Buza Bars; discreet pinholes marked only by a door in the stone walls.

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Explore the ancient streets of Dubrovnik with your guide. See top attractions like Onofrio’s Fountain and St. Savior Visit the Old Port and learn about the city’s maritime history. Hear Croatian folk tales about famous sites like the Sponza Palace and the Orlando Column.

Old Walls

The ancient wall has existed since medieval times, but tourism has increased since the site was used as the setting for Game of Thrones. Take a tour with locals to explore the hotspots where the movie was filmed and learn about the city’s colorful history, or book a ticket and walk through the walls on your own – (fee entrance to Fort St. Lawrence is 100 km = about 14 EUR). A visit to Dubrovnik will make you know about the rich history of the city.

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The town is small and blessed with great natural beauty, but you’ll also want to explore the beaches, as you’ll need some respite from the midday sun. Don’t expect sand in the Caribbean, although the coastline is steep you can always find a spot for your towel. A visit to Dubrovnik is recommended to you if you are a tourist and beach lover.


If you prefer to explore by sea, the harbor in the old town is convenient for renting boats to explore the bays further afield. The cursed island of Lokrum is only a ten-minute ferry ride away and, although currently uninhabited, it has a fascinating history. The story goes that a community of Benedictine monks lived peacefully on the island until Napoleon’s army expelled them in 1798. Before their expulsion, they cursed the one who usurped their sacred land. 

Half a century later, the Austrian-born Habsburg Maximilian Royal bought Lokrum and turned the monastery into a delightful garden with exotic plants and colorful birds to complement his lavish lifestyle. Soon after, he was asked to become Emperor of Mexico, where a lack of political and moral judgment led to his downfall. His wife went mad from the stress and he was eventually executed by the Republican Party, superstitious locals who believed his disappearance was due to the island’s curse. Today, Lokrum is packed with day tourists who come to enjoy its gardens, friendly peacocks, and salty “Dead Sea” lake. A visit to Dubrovnik is incomplete without visiting Lokrum. 

Rent a boat

If you want to avoid the crowds, hire a speedboat from Rewind Dubrovnik and explore the Elaphiti Islands, a spectacular archipelago of thirteen islands, considered the guardians of Dubrovnik’s waters. Only three of the islets are inhabited:

Šipan, Lopud, and Koločep, and these friendly fishing ports welcome visitors and have local restaurants on the shore. While the rest is uninhabited and is a hidden corner of paradise where you can sunbathe, snorkel or enjoy the stillness. 

Mali Stone and Stone

Dubrovnik delivers seafood tracks wherever you go, and just an hour from the old town is Mali Ston cove, which is said to be home to the best oysters and mussels in the country.

You can experience a harvest trip with a local oyster farmer from Mali Ston Oysters and sample freshly peeled oysters, mussels, bread, and wine on a traditional floating platoon.

Ston has gone down in history and has been on the defensive to defend against Turkish attacks; These days, the only time you witness flaming arrows and flaming cannonballs is during the annual Battle of St Elena celebration, which culminates in a night of fun and theatrical performances. You can walk 5.5 km of the “Great Wall of Europe” and visit the watchtower and fortress firsthand. Konavle. Valley

The Konavle Valley, south of Dubrovnik, is nestled in the shadow of the Sniježnica Mountains and offers a completely different vibe. Dotted with vineyards, farms, and traditional villages, this fairytale area offers great hiking, friendly locals, and folk traditions.

Consists Of Six Municipalities

Cavtat, Cilipi, Popovici, Ljuta, Gruda, and Molunat, you should drive for 30 minutes to explore the countryside and observe traditional crafts, dances, and folk music. You can even take a local cooking class at Kameni Dvori and enjoy the local food you prepare.

You’ll choose seasonal fruits and vegetables from their batch and make your own pasta, salad, fresh bread, and the best apple pie you would ever taste!