Eight Recommended Ways of Earning Money from Google

Earning Money from Google

It has been more than two decades since the biggest giant of the internet world Google has made life easier for almost everyone. Google the search engine is consisting of extensive information that is having a tremendous impact on technology. As technology continuously reshapes, it is create more and more earning opportunities for users and organizations. You are likely reading this article because of google mechanics and thanks to google for bringing this up in front of you. It is fairly justified to say that in today’s world almost all digital marketers, individuals, freelancers, social media agencies, IT tech companies, websites, and other biggest brands are earning a great amount of money from google. Some of Earning Money from Google are as under:

Eight Best Ways of Earning Money From Google

1. Learning is Earning at Google

Earning from google sounds easy but it is not. One has to go through all guidelines as published by google and set up your account depending upon which program you are most interested in. All it requires you to grasp the knowledge first and go step by step. Remember a wall is constructed brick by brick. Attention to care is needed and it could be achieved when you engage yourself in learning the best practices. There is plenty of information available at google, just make sure to download or read official documents published by google. In addition to published articles, google has introduced video tutorials too. It is recommended to go through all the tutorials by google teams, it could give you a quick start. 

2. SEO on Your Website and Blogs 

First things first, you need to have the right type of website or blog and proper search engine optimization must be established to produce fruits. It all depends on the quality of content you put on how easily it can be discovered by the world through organic search results. There are numerous SEO guidelines and best practices available on the internet, one has to master them so google can organic traffic your way. 

3. Monetization Through Adsense

Adsense is the most famous and most known program of Google which works through CPC cost per click. Adsense displays google ads on your site. If you currently have a website or a blog, you can simply enable google Adsense by inserting the relevant code which is provided by Google. You will start earning money the moment Adsense ads start appearing on your site. 

4. Advertise at Adwords

Google Adwords is designed for advertisers. It helps to promote your site or blog and for that, you need to run paid campaigns at google. In addition to achieving your campaign goals, your paid campaigns will increase your page views and drive more traffic. The higher the traffic on your site, the higher your earning opportunity.

5. Google Reviews and Rewarding

In some countries giving opinions or reviewing any product or place lets you earn from google. It is not much earning but up to $1 is rewarded through google opinion rewards or you can be rewarded with free google play credits.

6. Creation and Selling of Mobile Apps

If you have created an app then it is a perfect opportunity for you to have it approved through the google play store and start earning money from google. You would also need to create a merchant account with google wallet. Publish your app as paid app and you would be amazed to receive a lot of money from every download. The more users you have for your app, the higher will be your income!

 7. Youtube The Cash Cow 

The core mechanics of YouTube are dependent on the content in the video. It is all about views, subscribers, and the amount of engagement your content has created. You can easily touch the sky if you can produce engaging or viral content for any specific region or an entire global world. Once you have created great content then you can easily monetize through AdSense. Remember the fact that youtube is acquired by google. By visiting the YouTube site all the guidelines can be downloaded to establish understanding and there are several different programs available.

8. Be an Evaluator of Search Engine

This is another way of earning money which has started in some countries. The nature of work is to examine and analyze content, images, and text which are submitted by users to the google search engine. These jobs are rare and not directly offered by Google but some of the well-known agencies provide these jobs e.g. Appen, Leapfrog, Lionbridge, and Zerochaos.