The Coolest Beard Styles For Instant Attention

Beard Styles

Beards are men, it’s true. Maintaining neat and beard styles is even more important as it relates to your fashion sense.

This never means that you should choose a hipster-looking beard just to show off your beard like many men accidentally do and end up looking horrible with their amazing beard. 

Choose a beard style that suits your personality, face shape, attitude, and beard (thin or thick). Not every beard style is right for everyone, so pick the right one from our list of the best beard styles for men in 2023.

Best Beard Style

Most men wear their beards in a rough and tough style. Many people wear a traditional mustache, goatee, or full beard, which is also pretty cool as it looks great if it suits you as we see a lot of men around us!

For most men, the full beard is the most recommended style for those who are capable of growing a full beard. But if not, just choose a smart and healthy beard style that will reflect your personality. To create a new look, get creative by mixing and matching different beard styles.

Cool Beard Style

Don’t get lost in the sea of ​​cool beard styles. Here is a list of different beard styles for men to help you choose the perfect beard for you. 

1. Professional Beard Styling For Men

This beard requires a lot of special attention. Hair should always be cut short and tie lines should be tighter. With a professional-looking beard, it delivers strong strokes and high definition.

 To create a professional-looking beard, you should also shave the neck area creating a defined line under the chin area. In addition, the beard must be evenly connected to the mustache.

2. Full Beard-Thick And Healthy Beard

Having a full beard is known to be a classic expression of a masculine beard. Having a full beard also shows that you are the manliest man. Moreover, it shows how manly, confident, and daring you are. 

Once groomed, your full beard looks stylish, otherwise, it shows just how tough you can be. Known as the most popular beard style, the full beard requires very little maintenance.

3. Captain Jack-Captain Jack Sparrow’s Beard Style

If you know Captain Jack Sparrow, you already know where the name beard comes from. Fan of famous movie pirates or not, Captain Jack’s beard style breaks the waves. 

It is a combination of a mustache, soul patch, and small goatee. To maintain this beard, trim and shave regularly. Always keep it clean by using wax.

4. Hipster Beard

This rough look requires a high level of care because you have to grow a large amount of facial hair. This full beard is long and elegantly combined with a neatly trimmed pompadour.

5. Dyck’s Beard

This beard style used to be his signature, but recently it has become popular again. The theory behind the Van Dyke beard is simple:

A goatee combined with a mustache. This can be a great beard idea for men who want to adopt a modern beard.

Copying this style is a combination of the growth of the pointed mustache and the beard. No hair on one side of the face. When perfectly reproduced, it creates an artistic look but often requires maintenance to keep the mustache sharp.

6. Beard Chin-Evergreen-Jugular-Style-Mustache-For-Men

A bearded chin is an incomplete beard that looks like pantyhose that rests on your face. If you don’t want to wear a beard, you can leave a bar across your chin to keep your character’s masculinity. The style is basically a long soul patch that extends to the top of the chin.

7. Horseshoe Beard

This mustache style can give a great look when it shows off the horseshoe-shaped mustache around the mouth. This is the most suitable beard style for guys with round or angular faces.

8. Beard Knocks On The Door

The Doorknocker hairstyle is one of the most popular beard styles for men. Often this kind of beard is mistakenly called a goatee, but it is not. Maintaining a knocker beard is easy. By using the adjustable beard trimmer at least once a week, you can easily maintain it.

9. Balbo’s Beard

The full Balbo beard keeps your look warm with a combination of a handlebar mustache and good coverage of facial hair just above the neck. For extra personality, keep your hair up to 3 inches long on either side of your chin and shave off the rest for a neat look.

10. Hollywood Beard

The Hollywood beard has had a very promising time in the world of full beard styles. And it’s no coincidence that most Hollywood artists have this look. This beard style offers a classic look with a thick shaved beard and a neatly cut box beard. Indeed, this beard style is not only for the rich and famous, it is for all types of men.

11. Canned Beards

This beard style represents the popular boxer beard style. It’s just an easy combination of a mustache and a chin. With a representative appearance, the beard grows almost all around the mouth.

12. Woodman Beard

This beard style doesn’t require a flannel shirt or an ax to pull out most of the loggerhead’s facial beard. This requires a very well-maintained low sideburn and also requires beard growth from cheeks to chin. It’s a great masculine look that will appeal to many women.

13. Old English Beard

The full beard of Old English brings a lot of power and sophistication. This combines several beard styles with a full beard, knocker, and lamb chops. Also, Old English covers almost the entire face but emphasizes the cheekbones.