How to Get More Business for Your Bakery

Business for Bakery

A bakery owner’s duties extend beyond producing mouthwatering baked goods to growing the business. Additionally, you need to create marketing strategies that draw in and keep clients. Offer UK hot deals and discount codes that are affordable yet add a lot of value to your present offers to get customers into your bakery. You may develop discount deals that benefit both your bakery and your customers with a little planning and imagination. Perhaps there is a slow period for business in the afternoons; introduce a Happy Hour where single cupcakes are discounted. Alternatively, if you have a loyal client base, ask them to vote on the weekly special they would want to see. Here are four other strategies for using specials to draw customers to your bakery.

Amplify The Scent

Sensory marketing involves using emotional cues to increase people’s propensity to buy a good or service. Of course, it has a close relationship with the senses. It is very simple to improve one thing in particular, the aroma, in a café, bakery, or oven. When time permits, keep the door to your establishment open while making sure that whatever is cooking emits a tempting aroma that will draw people to pause in front of it. For instance, baking frozen croissants are essential to accomplishing this.

Benefit From The Holidays

Easter, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day are occasions when bakeries experience a rise in business and special requests. However, you can also think creatively and provide less conventional specials for holidays associated with food. It’s National Whipped Cream Day. Did you know that? On January 5, celebrate it by giving customers a discount code on a trademark whipped cream cake or anything else that includes whipped cream. There are some national months that are particularly well suited to flavoured advertising.

Make It Exclusive

People enjoy feeling significant. You can appeal to people’s desire to belong by providing voucher codes to those in particular groups. Giving elders, veterans, or college students a percentage off on particular days would be enough to accomplish this. Posting exclusive deal codes for your social media followers to use in-store is another fantastic method to make customers feel informed.

Send Them A Humorous Message Inviting Them Inside

Many bakeries and cafés have a phrase written on a blackboard outside the front door to business startups. It’s one of those strategies that work well without requiring a lot of effort. And it will be much easier for passersby to stop in if the written message is interesting and entertaining.

Encourage Loyalty

While gaining new clients is always a goal, it is also incredibly beneficial to keep the ones you already have. A consumer who has previously bought something from your bakery has a 50% chance of doing so again and the business will grow. Additionally, acquiring new clients is five times more expensive than keeping the ones you already have. A strong loyalty programme can help you attract clients while building a new, devoted customer base.

A loyalty card is a well-liked programme that delivers a free item after a set number of the same item purchases; typically, buy 10 and receive the next one free. Any item you sell in your bakery, including loaves of bread, cupcakes, and cheesecakes, might be on a loyalty card it generates revenue in your business. Even better, think beyond the box and present a baker’s dozen. When a buyer buys 12 of an item, they get the 13th one for free.

Clearly Prepare The Merchandise And Describe Them

In order to sample the finished products, frozen doughs, which enable you to enjoy delectable dishes with a blast in the oven, are ideal. For instance, you can use syrup to paint icing sugar, crocanti, or chocolate on pains au chocolat crème and other items. Additionally, this is insufficient; you must also convey it. Therefore, it might be a good idea to include explanatory placards to describe the ingredients or draw attention to a particular aspect of the cuisine.

Offer Multiple-Purchase Options

Making your clients feel like they are getting the most for their money with multi-buys, like purchasing one get one deal, is a good strategy. Customers get the chance to discover new favourites and test out new products thanks to deals like these. Combinations that don’t count the second item, such as coffee and a dessert or soup and bread. Vouchers for buying one, get one free with your logo and contact information can be distributed at neighbourhood activities or gatherings.