The Nine Most Exciting Sports You’ve Never Heard Of

Exciting Sports

We all love football and hockey, but there are nine exciting sports you might haven’t heard of, but what about chasing a big cheese roll down a steep hill? Or carry your partner on your back over an obstacle? Around the world, there are competitions that demand precision and power but are not recognized as major league sports that dominate the air. Browse through the gallery below

Learn About Nine Exciting Sports You Might Haven’t Heard

1. Rolling Cheese

Chris Anderson (center) won the first race in the annual unofficial cheese roll at Cooper’s Hill in Brockworth, Gloucestershire, where a cheesecake was driven down a 200m hill, one of three slopes every year since the early 1800s. 

What? The opponent chases a large cheesecake that is being rolled downhill. 

Where? Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

2. Toe Wrestling

What? Exactly how, two people fighting with their toes, trying to pin each other. The sport dates back to 1976 when the British sought to win the world sports title.

Where? UK

3. Skiing

What? The most liked sport from other exciting sports, Participants uses a parachute-like kite and wind power to travel up the hill. You can literally fly over steep slopes or slide down mountains while performing stunts.

Where? Russia, Canada, Iceland, France, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Sweden, and the northern and central United States.

4. Running

What? Combine running and juggling and what do you get? A person with rather strange hand-eye coordination. Most jugglers use palm-sized bean bags filled with bird seeds.

Where? Everywhere, and they meet every year for the world-running championship.

5. Boxing Chess

What? The sport consists of rounds of boxing and chess matches, and the champion can be won through moves on the board or knockout in the ring.

Where? Germany, the UK, India, and Russia

6. Underwater Hockey

What? Two teams of six faced off at the bottom of the pool, using snorkels and mini sticks. Also known as Octopush, it was started in 1954 by Alan Blake, who used it as a way to keep Southsea Sub-Aqua Club members interested and active during the cold winter months.

Where? Worldwide, but the World Federation of Underwater Activities, CMAS for short, is the governing body.

7. Kick In The Shin

What? Also known as hacking or growling, shin kicks involve… well, just what you think. Two participants tried to kick each other’s shins to make them fall to the ground. He was born in England in the early 17th century.

Where? England.

8. Lift The Wife

British immigrants to the United States also did this out of exciting sports. The men crossed logs and fences, crossed mud pits, went up ski slopes or mountains, and around bends. The winner gets the woman’s weight in beer (literally, they put the woman on the swing and put the beer crates on the other side until they balance). It’s very comprehensive:

Your wife can be your husband and same-sex couples are also allowed to compete.

Where? Finland, although competitions are now taking place around the world and there is even a qualifier in Maine.

9. Swamp Football

What? It’s basically football but played in a predicament. Each team has six players on the field at the same time. This sport was originally used as an exercise for athletes and soldiers but has grown in popularity.

Where? Although it started in Finland, it now has around 300 teams worldwide. The annual cup takes place in Scotland.