Happening Places To Make Your New Year Eve Memorable

new year eve

The billion-dollar question this month is where will you spend your New Year’s Eve? With the second and third waves of Covid19 cases on the rise and new lockdowns across the world, many have abandoned their New Year’s resolutions.

But it’s not all bad news. These vaccines are widely used, and there are plans to vaccinate developed countries by the end of 2021 and the world by 2024.

For those lucky enough to travel next year, we have some great advice for you. If not this year, you can plan for 2022. Hey, there’s nothing to lose by planning ahead!

Las Vegas

If you think you can’t stand up and have fun on any busy Las Vegas street, you’d be wrong. The whole city uses lights that come on seven roofs. Apart from the interesting calculations and the bright lights, the city is car-free.

All Street hosts an all-night party featuring talented musicians from around the world. Immerse yourself in exciting laser shows, wild parties and sophisticated entertainment.


Those with slightly more refined tastes should change their choices on new year eve from Las Vegas to London. When the needle reaches twelve, pull your loved one close and kiss them.

The big tower above you is a famous symbol to start your new year. Thousands of visitors from around the world gather to read and watch the 10-minute light show.

If you want something other than Big Ben Tower on new year eve visit the London Eye for a great view of the starry night sky.

New York

Get ready early so you can get to Times Square first. He was shaking on New Year’s Eve. If you want to go to Times Square to see the final quote, then you have to be prepared for long lines in the cold.

The high-tech lights of Times Square rival any other show in the country. You can’t miss the inspiring energy that comes from those around you and expect the 12 ball drop.

Shout, dance, build and unleash yourself in the most active New Year’s crowd.

British Virgin Islands

Give yourself some debauchery. You can indulge in sin this New Year in the British Virgin Islands. Don’t underestimate its size. It is one of the most popular places to party for the New Year.

People with big pockets and overflowing bank accounts can go here. There is a 48-hour party that includes dirty dancing, alcohol and debauchery.

Spend a new night with sexy people on this beautiful Caribbean beach!

Rio de Janeiro

If you have enough sins, then ask God to forgive you. The same thing is happening in Rio. All citizens gathered at Copacabana Beach to pray to Yemanga, the god of the sea. Only wearing white clothes can participate in the event.

After prayer, you can throw flowers into the strong waves of the river, bringing the petals to the goddess.

This celebration is not the end of the new year, but the beginning of a great celebration. Live entertainment on the beach and dance performances take place. Be part of Rèveillon!


In the city of Edinburgh, New Year Eve is not about the new day of the year or the last day of the year. There were a series of events that made the celebration special. Starts on December 30th and runs until January 1st of the next year.

There is a light show on the first day of the event, followed by an outdoor movie night and outdoor party on the second day. The festival closed at twelve, with a thrilling explosion lighting up the sky above Edinburgh Castle, followed by the great Auld Lang Syne.

January 1 is not for the lazy, take a dip in the cold waters of the Forth.


If you haven’t been a part of Mardi Gras New Orleans, this is your chance to jump ship. Bahamians go crazy on New Year’s Eve and New Year.

A carnival procession takes to the streets, displaying colorful costumes and displays. After the midnight bonfire, all the people gather on the beach to have a party.

The Bahamas has many places for you and your family to celebrate the New Year, such as the Grand Lucayan and Atlantis.