Examiners of Twitter Hashtag Analytics

Twitter Hashtag Analytics

The metadata tag followed by # is a famous term that is named a Hashtag in Social Media. It has been more than a decade since users started applying hashtags for cross-referencing the content, topic, or theme at the time of posting. The big pillars of social media like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook has great analytical tools but certainly lack one of the key feature specific to hashtag analytics. That is the prime reason hashtag tracking tools are getting more attention for social media strategists. Lead more about twitter hashtag analytics.

Twitter Hashtag Analytics is Essential Because of the Following:

  1. To assess the social media reach of your hashtag campaign and its mentions
  2. To gauge the level of engagement with your hashtag, and to see what others are saying about it.
  3. To monitor the impact of your brand hashtag on social media
  4. To evaluate a marketing campaign’s performance
  5. To find prominent influencers that use your hashtag
  6. To find out who and where your material is shared
  7. To assess the success of a hashtag marketing campaign.
  8. To identify popular hashtags and find related hashtags

 1. Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics shows the data of Tweets to understand the followers. Twitter hashtag Analytics shows how an audience is responding to the shared content, what’s working, and what’s not. Generally, Twitter metrics show the data related to tweets, impressions, visits, mentions, new followers, top tweets, top media tweets, top card tweets, top mentions, and top followers. There are also detailed insights available for your videos. Certainly, it allows tracking the clicks on hashtags but it doesn’t cover other metrics such as overall engagements on social media through hashtags. Twitter hashtag analytics is a very useful tool to understand the opinion of people.

 2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a jack of all trades with a combination of social media management, listening, publishing, and analytics tools. It pretty much covers all the aspects in terms of evaluating your hashtags on Twitter. The best about is it determines what content is working best and helps to increase the reach of your posts and the effectiveness of ads. The detailed analytics feature gives you a fair understanding of social performance across all social platforms. At present Hootsuite is integrated with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. It offers a free 30-day trial and pricing starts from 19$ per month to $599 per month

 3. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is the best and on top of all cross-channel social media analytics. It is among the best tools for publishing, monitoring, and analytics and certainly gives detailed insights into how your overall twitter activities are carried out. Sprout is designed to give you speed in an interactive user-friendly dashboard and it displays social insights right up front. Whether it is about tagging or what is trending, everything in between is at your fingertips. Perhaps performance data for your internal team can be accessed. Similarly, it gives you good hand in understanding competitor activities so that way you can set up your benchmark against others in your industry. It offers your 30-day free trial and priced packages start from $89 to $249 per month

4. Buffer

Buffer is also one of the best tools for analyzing your tweet performance. From engagements to hashtags and virality, it pretty much covers all the aspects It offers advanced analytics in the purchased version.

5. Social Status

A social Status is also an incredible tool for Twitter hashtag analytics and it has an interactive suite of mainly four platforms for social media analytics which are Profile analytics, ads analytics, competitor analytics, and influencer analytics. It also offers to automate social media reports for free with no requirement of a credit card. It starts with a limited free plan and the starter plan is priced at $29 while the enterprise plan is priced at $1499.

6. Twitonomy

Twitonomy is one of the most powerful tools and comes very handy for your Twitter handlers alongside your competitors. Once you grant the permissions from your Twitter handlers it immediately starts providing you meaningful and effective insights on your tweets, engagement, and much more. Twitonomy makes it simple to follow conversations on Twitter based on keywords, individuals, or lists. Any Twitter account will be broken down into graphs and easily readable statistics. Additionally, you can see the locations of mentions of your tweets throughout the globe, which helps you better understand the geographic effect of your Twitter activity.

7. TweetReach

It is pretty easy to learn through TweetReach how well or how far your tweets have spread both on and off of Twitter. All it requires is to simply enter the URL of the website or item you wish to examine, along with your Twitter username, keywords, or hashtag, to discover a thorough summary of the latest 50 Tweets you have seen. You would be amazed to see extremely valuable insights in real time.