Uncover Hidden London With The New TrailTale


The UK is home to several of the foremost stunning and historical cities and cities in Europe. The UK is home to several of the foremost stunning and historical cities and cities in Europe. With an expensive geological history dating back many years, several historic places across the United Kingdom supply a novel glimpse into our cultural and study history.

However, London The metropolis, home to virtually 9 million individuals, has numerous hidden gems that it takes knowledge to search out.

This is wherever TrailTale comes in. TrailTale offers seventeen fantastic free routes across the center of London, including several secret places that are simply incomprehensible by the common tourer.

Favorite Hidden Places

Harry Potter

Harry Potter could be a favorite for youngsters and adults alike. Did you recognize that Leaky Cauldron was recorded in 2 places? One is in Leadenhall Market, in the middle of the town of London, and also the other is next to Borough Market. The inspiration for Diagon Alley comes from a little alley shortly from Leicester sq.

Finding the Ministry of Magic isn’t that straightforward, however, the doorway is found in plain sight right within the heart of the govt. district.

Bridget Jones’s Diary

If you’re a Saint Bride Jones’s Diary fan then Borough Market is wherever you’ll notice her flat. The ultimate romantic scene at the top of the primary film appears to be placed around the corner from Bridget’s flat, in reality, it’s a 25-minute walk from her flat, on Cornhill. A fun manipulation by the producers.

Jack The Manslayer

Jack the manslayer stories are an excellent attraction. The East finish of London has been modified most in recent years so that the first crime scenes aren’t any longer visible. TrailTale can take you to those places and can tell you the stories with reference to them. You’ll be stunned, however, there’s conjointly an individual link to at least one of them.

Where Spies Gathered

St James’s could be a London district far-famed for spying. within the 50s and 60s, Russian spies developed the Associate in Nursing Byzantine system for exchanging messages between operatives. 

East Church Garden

During war II several churches were destroyed by bombing raids over the town of London. Many of those were never restored and square measure currently serves as secluded God’s acre gardens. Some square measure featured in movies, together with the brilliant St Dunstan within the East Church Garden, a hidden gem for town employees to own their lunch.

Pirate Legends Square Measure Alive

Walk on the Thames in Wapping and you’ll realize that several Pirate legends square measure pretty much alive here.

Walk Round The Law Courts

The British scheme created a number of the foremost fascinating places to go to. The Inns of Court square measure secluded quarters, steeped with history and square measure stunning to go to. however bear in mind, they’re not hospitable to the general public outside of operating hours.

Temple Church

Temple Church is wherever the Da-Vinci Code motion picture was recorded. Lincoln’s hostelry is featured in several movies, amongst them: concerning Time, and Miss Potter.

About TrailTale

TrailTale has chosen these fascinating routes in central London taking you through the best-kept secrets and telling you about their history and prominence. These routes take you out of the crushed track, leading through the tiny alleys of the town, and showcasing the wonder of this brilliant town.