Travelling to Dubai

Rules and laws in Dubai are stricter than in several alternative countries, and it’s necessary to try and do your own analysis before squirting off. These facts for travelling to Dubai are a couple of you want to recognize. Certain position passport holders square measure needed to organize their visa for Dubai before, whereas others square measure granted a visitant visa upon arrival. make sure to try and do your analysis once booking your trip.


  1. Dubai is all concerning being the simplest, the largest and also the newest and makes for a good luxury destination. Here’s a couple of facts as to what to ascertain to get in Dubai. 
  2. The Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building, and is placed within the heart of Dubai. It stands at 830 meters tall (2722 feet). If you would like to require it straightforwardly, unwind within the Sky Lounge on the 148th floor.
  3. Book and occupy a Dubai Airbnb when you are travelling to Dubai with a read of the breathless Burf Khalifa. This de luxe fashionable housing overlooks the simplest of bright Dubai, together with the world’s tallest building. 
  4. The Uber notable Burj al Arab is that the world’s sole seven star building, and a keep here is lush and unimaginable. however you may need to start out saving currently. an evening at the Burj al Arab starts at around one thousand Euros per night!
  5. Dubai could be a destination for the world’s biggest things, which conjointly includes the world’s biggest mall. The Dubai Mall spans five.9 million sq. feet, has over 1200 outlets, a full-sized skating skating rink, a luxury building and one hundred twenty places to eat. 
  6. The Palms Jumeirah Island is the world’s largest artificial island. It’s even visible from space!
  7. During your trip to Dubai, make sure to go to the Al Fahidi historical neighborhood. This is often one amongst the oldest elements of the town of Dubai, and has numerous fascinating pockets to ascertain. 
  8. A visit to the Dubai Opera could be a widespread diversion during this spirited town, and it’s a year-round schedule of productions and musical events to set up your trip around. 
  9. Dubai is such a contemporary, active town. In twenty minutes from the center of town, you’ll be able to be within the desert. Have an opportunity from town life and book a desert campaign from the variety of tour corporations on provide. out there throughout the morning, afternoon or evening, this unimaginable expertise includes 4WDing, artiodactyl rides, a delicious feast and live amusement. 
  10. Another world record! Dubai’s Miracle Garden is the biggest garden within the world, and a prime traveler attraction. It spans 780,000 sq. feet and boasts fifty million flowers and 250 million plants. 
  11. For a dose of native culture, head to 1 of Dubai’s “souks” (marketplaces) and obtain some ancient Emirati souvenirs. Incense and Arabic pottery squares measure widespread gifts for guests to grab.
  12. The world’s quickest roller coaster, Formula Rossa, is found in Dubai at Ferrari World.


  1. Sometimes in Dubai, reality is interloper than fiction. These strange facts of Dubai create this mystical town, even additional mysterious… 
  2. The weekly Dubai time off is really weekday and typically Saturday, betting on that sector you’re employed in. 
  3. Israeli passport holders don’t seem to be allowed travelling to Dubai. however if you’ve visited Israel on your travels and have their stamp in your passport, you ought to be fine. However, some guests are denied entry for this. 
  4. The ratio of men to girls in Dubai is three to one. 
  5. The police in Dubai usually drive luxury sports cars like Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s. A maximum from your native police little doubt.
  6. You can use Dubai’s ATMs to withdraw native currency, however you’ll be able to conjointly withdraw gold bars from several of them.
  7. You can order gold infused occasionally in Dubai. That takes your morning café latte to an entire alternative level.
  8. Much of Dubai’s water is desalinated water from the ocean, due to its dry desert location.
  9. It’s cheaper to buy fuel in Dubai than water. 
  10. The UAE government encompasses a Minister for Happiness, whose focus is – you guessed it – the happiness of residents. 
  11. Did you notice that Dubai encompasses a hell of heaps of “world’s largest” records? therefore did the far-famed Guinness Book of Records. In fact, Dubai is therefore usually breaking world records. A notable fact has started at the workplace in Dubai simply to stay track of them all!
  12. It’s solely within the previous couple of years that residents of Dubai are allotted street addresses. Before that, folks simply directed folks to places in line with native landmarks. Now, the government is distributing distinctive codes to every building to raise the system. 
  13. Travelling to Dubai for the final word incentive to turn. For each kg lost, the government awards a family two grams of gold. They currently distribute virtually 1,000,000 greenbacks in rewards annually. 
  14. Horse racing and racing square measure each business sector in Dubai. racing could be a traditionally necessary event in Arabian culture. However, thanks to the little size needed for jockeys, youngsters were being trafficked into town. The Dubai government put a stop to the present by introducing little robots that ride the camels instead.
  15. Again, Dubai could be a made town, as the square measures several of its residents. One surefire thanks to recognize if somebody is loaded in Dubai? Take a glance at their registration number plate. The fewer digits on the plate, the higher the standing. As an example, the registration number plate with “1” thereon auctioned a decade back for $14 million.
  16. Many Dubai residents shun the quality dog or cat as a pet in favor of animals of an additional exotic nature. Lions and cheetahs square measure extremely wanted, and also the additional exotic the animal, the upper your social station.