8 Interesting Things To Do On Christmas Day In 2022

what to do for Christmas day

We offer you a wide range of entertaining and festive ways to pass the time, from hosting a movie night filled with your favorite Christmas movies to passing the time with arts and crafts Christmas-themed. 

Whether you’re spending the holiday with your entire extended family or just you and your loved one, these winter activities will keep you feeling good all day long.

Thinking What To Do For Christmas Days?

1. Visiting The Christmas Lights

Visiting the Christmas Lights

When all the leaves have fallen from the tree and winter has begun, the landscape can look a bit dull, especially without fresh snow. This is exactly why the appearance of ornate and enchanting Christmas lights is such a feast for the eyes. 

Enjoy the holiday magic for as long as possible by showing you around your illuminated neighborhood (or a neighborhood) on Christmas Day.

 If it’s too cold to go on a hike, you can always tuck the whole family into the car for a car-based Christmas lighting event.

 (Noteworthy: Hot chocolate and Christmas cookies are optional, but highly recommended.)

2. Watch Christmas Movies

Watch Christmas Movies

From black and white classics that will leave you with mistletoe (It’s a great life, anyone?) to fun party favorites that will make both cheering families, there’s no shortage of good movies from Christmas for any crowd. 

Meet your friends or gather by yourself for a Christmas Day viewing experience that promises plenty of holiday vibes and pairs perfectly with a hot cocktail to kick off. Not sure which movie to choose? Check out our list of Christmas classics and you’re sure to find a good one for audiences of all ages.

3. Experience The Ballet Performance “The Nutcracker”

Experience the ballet performance The Nutcracker

Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker” may have begun to flop, but this beautiful classical ballet has become one of the most widely recognized hallmarks of the Christmas season. 

The music itself deserves to be on your Christmas playlist, but nothing compares to the experience of hearing it performed as intended (i.e., having the ballet come to life). 

The graceful, gravity-defying movements of professional dancers provide a feast for the eyes – so if you can win tickets to a live performance, we highly recommend it. there.

4. Clean Up And Donate

Clean up and donate

What better way to get in the holiday spirit on Christmas Day than giving back? But if you’re suddenly inspired to volunteer, remember that most nonprofits are flooded during the holidays and really need help at other times of the year. 

Instead, make room for your new loot using your best Marie Kondo spells, then donate gently used items to organizations in need like the Troop. Salvation, Outfits for Success, Goodwill, and Soles4Souls. 

Not only does it feel good to free up closet space, but scientific research shows that kindness makes people happier.

5. Make It A Family-themed Game Night

Make it a family themed game night

Not ready for a big outing on Christmas Day? We don’t blame you…after all, the lobby is very inviting. In fact, the holiday season is the perfect time to rest and relax — and if you’re looking for something extra to do, turn it into game night.

To keep things festive in the proper way, we recommend playing holiday-themed games. 

Good news: This can be done even if your game cabinet doesn’t already have holiday options available – just check out our collection of Christmas games for the whole family (and some adults) and start the game.

6. Singing


Christmas carols have been playing on repeat in every store, house, and alleyway for about a month now, so we understand if you’d want to turn off the festive music and give it a little bit. 

That said, if you still love Christmas tunes, why not gather your cubs and sing along? It’s a great excuse to go for a walk, while also spreading the holiday spirit to your neighbors.

7. Cooking Christmas Party

Cooking Christmas party

Holidays are all about being with loved ones, and what better way to bring people together than with a large amount of delicious food? 

You’ve had a good month recovering from Thanksgiving, so put your oven gloves back on and gather your support team for a few hours in the kitchen. 

The result will be an Instagram-worthy spread and a delicious, mouthwatering meal that’s right for the occasion and made even better by the company you’re sharing it with.

8. Nature Walk

Nature walk

After expanding your body weight on the mattress, it’s time to get out for some exercise and get some fresh air. 

Put on your winter coat and go for a walk in the fresh air (if you don’t have a national park within walking distance, any other natural setting will do). 

And for the adults in the group, may we suggest using one of these hot cocktails as a delicious hand warmer?