Some Comic Book Movies That Are Based On Villains

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The release of Black Adam changed not only the leaders of power in the DC Universe, but the entire world of comics, bringing a film about a comic actor instead of a hero in mock up. Although it is not a common rule, it is common in superhero or comic book.

The most common are power-oriented films that reflect the complexity of the characters rather than just the malicious intent. From inter-universe storytelling to action-packed blood, there have been many films that have featured comic book villains.

Deathstroke Knights and Dragons: The Movie (2020)

Slade Wilson, better known by the name Deathstroke, is one of the most famous villains of DC Comics, and the nemesis of Nightwing and his fellow Teen Titans. The never-ending serial killer fathered two superhuman sons, Jericho and Ross, who would later join the Teen Titans and battle Slade.

However, Death Note: Knights and Dragons: The film shows the character of the father, as the plot follows a merciless assassin on an exciting mission to rescue his children from the gang. H.I.V.E. and their evil plans to gain the power of children.

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Morbius (2022)

As Spider-Man’s second adversary to enter the Sony Spider-Man universe and the lead star, the living vampire Mobius is a formidable figure in the film. A famous biochemist who becomes a vampire in an attempt to cure his rare blood disease, he plays a hero whose suffering drives him to commit a brutal murder.

Mobius features Jared Leto as an actor and emphasizes Mobius’ origins in the struggle for coexistence with the vampire identity. The superhero movie received negative reviews from critics, but since the movie has spawned thousands of memes, it has built a cult following.

Justice League: Gods and Monsters (2015)

The Trinity of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are probably the last three names that fans think of when they talk about comic book actors. However, Justice League: Gods and Monsters follows another version of these characters that is very different from their usual appearances.

Batman is Kirkronström, better known as the Bat villain; Superman is the son of General Zod Lozod; and Wonder Woman is Bekka, whose character turns into a yellow lantern in the movie. The trio is their brutal version of the Justice League on Earth, using violence and fear to keep things going until they are framed for a heinous crime by an unknown enemy.

Birds of Prey (2020)

The DCEU’s interpretation of Harley Quinn is one of the best, and Margot Robbie finally got the chance to dance with the bird of prey. The film tells the story of Harry breaking out with the Joker, whose chance encounter with young Cassandra Kane leads him to the villain, Black Mask. This eventually led him to team up with the titular team (including Black Canary, Huntress and Renee Montoya) to stop him.

While the film was a hit at the box office, it received rave reviews and received critical acclaim for its funky tone and colorful colors that evoke comic book classics.

Wanted (2008)

Wanted is a non-DC or Marvel comic book film based on Mark Millar’s novel of the same name. This book follows an office worker like Wesley who learns about his father who died recently. After discovering that he is a special agent working for a secret evil organization, Wesley joins them instead.

This film adaptation is very different, retaining many of the characters and ideas but often changing the focus from the guardians to the killers and making Wesley a more sympathetic character. Its creative violence and visual humor made it popular with critics.

Catwoman: Hunted (2022)

Although the live-action adaptation of Catwoman is considered one of the worst movies around, that is not the case with her first appearance, Catwoman: Hunted. The movie is a cute and fast-paced anime adventure where Catwoman confronts various DC Comics villains after she steals the Cat’s Eye Emerald and comes face to face with Batgirl.

The film received critical reviews from critics, who praised the quality of its animation and excellent voice actors, including famous actresses such as Elizabeth Gillis and Stephanie Beatrice.

Venom (2018)

Before Morbius, Sony’s Spider-Man universe began with Venom, the 2018 film that featured Eddie Brock’s incarnation of the Spider-Man villain. Venom is a combination of Brock and a sentient alien symbiote whose combination creates a monster with incredible abilities.