20 Surprising Gifts For Parents

Surprising Gifts

1. Anthropology-Carmo-Vases

Give your mom something surprising as personal as she is with this vase kind of gifts. Normal vases have a bit of a hole, but this one is a conversation starter even though it doesn’t have flowers in it.

2. Beautifully Preserved Roses Delicious Blend

Not all moms have green thumbs, but that doesn’t mean they all don’t deserve flowers. This preserved acrylic rose box includes dozens of flowers that will be preserved all year long, fresh and beautiful until the next holiday season!

3. Brass Easel and Personalized Calendar

Add a little love to your surprising gifts this year by customizing your mom’s desk calendar, and adding family photos you know will impress her.

4. Evapolar EvaLIGHT Plus Personal Air Cooler and Humidifier

Both safe and energy efficient, this portable air conditioner and humidifier will make your mom’s life a little more comfortable. Great for the office, bedroom, or really any home decor, give him a chance to relax with this piece.

5. Concrete Personal Fireplace

For cold mothers, personal homes exist this is one of the best surprising gifts. Yes, a personal fireplace can be moved from room to room. You can even bake marshmallows on it!

6. Amber Necklace

Made from genuine Baltic amber, this pendant shows how far your love for your mother has come. The warmth of amber is complemented by its cool silver chain.

7. Personalized Photo Frames With Alphabets

What better way to display your favorite photos with your mom than to be surrounded by words of love and wisdom? This fun frame allows you or your mom to match two pictures with the words they deserve.

8. Cuddly Pearl Necklace

Your mom can hug you wherever you go with this necklace! Depending on your preference, you can get this coin in gold or silver.

9. Mask-a-Holic 5-Piece Set

With five different masks included in this unique set, your mom will get the skin care she deserves. These masks help to purify, detoxify and hydrate the skin.

10. Hot Foot Massager

For the always cold-footed parent, this is the perfect taste of luxury. Not only does it warm their feet instantly, but it also gives them a great foot massage!

11. Olaplex’s Ultimate Essential Toolkit

If your mom isn’t an Olaplex fan yet, she’ll love it after trying it out. For hair repair and maintenance, this set includes five different Olaplex hair products in smart travel sizes.

12. Smart Garden Tools

Fresh ingredients have the power to transform any recipe. Give your mom fresh basil without having to constantly take care of it with this kit, because technology does all the work!

13. HP Sprocket Mobile Instant Photo Printer

Instead of sending your file to print the perfect photo, why not use a smartphone photo printer in the first place? Since we all use our phones to take most of our photos nowadays, this kind of surprising gifts makes your dad will find it helpful and touching. 

14. Peter Thomas Roth Irish Mud Purifying Black Mask

Who says dad doesn’t deserve to be pampered? This mask helps purify, decongest, and hydrate skin, so your dad will look and feel his best.

15. Wooden Triple Docking Station

Help your dad keep all his important stuff in one place with this docking station. Crafted from timeless walnut, this docking station lets your dad charge up to three devices at once.

16. Reflective Wool Cap Amnquerxus

Does your dad like to go for a walk late at night or early in the morning? Make sure your baby stays safe in the dark with this beanie, woven with reflective yarn to make it visible from cars.

17. Puzzles by Frank Lloyd Wright

Looking to spend more time with dad? This puzzle offers the perfect gift idea to spend some quality time, and it really has two sides, so you can see both Wright’s famous architectural blueprints as well as the architecture itself Or, you can do the same puzzle twice!

18. 4Ocean Recycled Sea Turtle Bracelet

Is there a place dads love more than the beach? This bracelet helps keep our beaches beautiful because it’s made from recycled plastic and for every piece sold, 4Ocean removes a pound of trash from the ocean.

19. Rabbit Freezable Glasses

Freezing real glasses can lead to broken glass, but every dad deserves a cold beer. Solution? Beer glasses are specially designed to be kept in the freezer, take them out the next time you and Dad open a couple of cold ones.

20. Miniature Museum

Museum excursions are great for curious minds, but why not take the museum home? Or rather your father? This small museum is a super fascinating piece, perfect for a desk or countertop, and it comes complete with authentic artifacts like megalodon teeth.